Dance for your party lights

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Have you ever wondered how much electricity you are able to generate only with human power? We did! Therefore, eight of our ‘Grüne Helden’ team members travelled to Rotterdam, Netherlands, in order to visit a really brilliant company.

People-Planet-Party, with this vision the „Sustainable Dance Club“ ( was founded. It all started out as a research project in 2006 and later turned into a real successful business which, by now, is spreading its products and services all around the world.

Today the company changed its name and became Energy Floors. This would be a first step of entering new target markets such as public transport, architecture, exhibitions, education etc. with the new product: The „Sustainable Energy Floors“. This floor generates energy through the movements on the floor modules, i.e. kinetic energy of dancing or walking people is converted into electricity.

We were dancing and jumping on the modules for about 5 minutes and the lights in the modules went on and off. That was quite exhausting. So seriously; are these floors really efficient and sufficient enough to secure our future electricity supply? We talked to the founder, Michel Smit. He explained to us that the business idea is rather about generating a lot of energy but about addressing people’s way of thinking.

Michel Smit explaining how the energy floor module is working:
“Our mission is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.”
(Michel Smit, Energy Floors)
Smit mentioned the importance of visualizing current energy generation or consumption in order to change people’s behavior. Therefore, the Sustainable Dance Clubs are equipped with a huge battery symbol that shows current electricity generation of the installed Energy Floor – A great way to motivate people to dance even more.

Moreover the company wants to help other companies to become more and more sustainable. The Energy Floor Modules are rented by famous ‘Global Players’ for special events or projects to show their interest and willingness to enter this topic.
“Our company can’t be 100 percent sustainable. But we want to support the right movements towards sustainability.”
(Michel Smit, Energy Floors)
After we checked out that special company and its dance floor product we can highly recommand to follow us and to be the next sustainable dancer at one of their events!

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