„We are Dreamers“

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The “Grüne Helden“ (English: Green Heroes) combined their trip to Energy Floors with a stop-by at Fairphone. Fairphone – for those of you who haven‘t heard about it yet, albeit the media coverage at DIE ZEIT, Wirtschaftswoche, or der Spiegel – is a project that tries to produce a smartphone designed and produced with minimal harm to people and planet.

As we heard about the project, the first thing we worried about was the price. A fair smartphone? This has to be expensive. Fortunately, we are wrong at this point: it‘s not. A Fairphone of the 1st generation is priced at € 320 (compared to the iPhone 4s being currently sold at € 399, or the € 360 Samsung Galaxy), providing a dual sim, a Quad-core CPU, 16 GB storage, front- and back-camera (1.3/8 MP) and a 4.3“ display. And they‘re listing where every Cent is being spent.
The 2nd thing we had some concerns on was the word “fair“ – what does it mean? The internet (thefreedictionary and wiktionary) says that something is fair if it is “of pleasing appearance“ or “honest“. In our opinion, honest is a good way to put it: Fairphone doesn‘t claim to be sustainable or purely fair – they know that using 30+ metals and only two of them (tantalum and tin) being conflict-free leaves plenty of room for improvement – but they try to be as transparent as possible. Fairphone states a simple message:
„Buy a phone, start a movement.“

The project faces many problems, like in-transparent and complex supply chains, or the scarcity of conflict-free metals, and they are continuously looking for solutions for each of them. However, the point is that change requires time – “we are dreamers“ as Roos van de Weerd put it. It will take some time until their dream comes true, but we‘re happy to support them on their way – and so can you. On gruene-helden.org you will find a more detailed view on Fairphone and how you can help them.

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Gruene Helden (Green Heroes) is a project of KarlsBeratung that portrays various companies trying to solve current social and environmental problems. We want to show you the possibilities which you – as a consumer and user – have, and that it‘s not that hard (and expensive) to be a little more sustainable.