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HSG: Design Thinking – Stanford approach

The greatest fear of an entrepreneur is probably to produce a product nobody wants. Saying this is because it seems to happen quite often. But why is this the case? Most technological Start-ups are invented out of the technological or business perspective. In this case products get design and then a marketing department gets founded and tries to find people, who would actually pay for it. But most customers don´t even know how a specific product would facilitate their lives without solving an accurate problem.

Design thinking is the solution for this problem, through starting from the customer perspective.

It starts with empathising into the customer, mainly through interviews. In the second step, you interpret the needs of the customer, before brainstorm about possible ideas in the third step. After that you create a prototype with the least possible effort, before finally testing it at customers to collect their feedback, which what the cycle starts again. The method emphasizes the reduction of time of this cycle to be core.

The workshop itself was about a practise experience of the design thinking cycle in terms of your neighbour´s wallet. The valuable outcome was, that even after 10 minutes of empathise, definition and ideation, it was possible to create a prototype, which fitted the neighbours needs. This is important, because of the immediate feedback given on the prototype, which leads to the possibility to stay in the customers perspective!